Monday, 16 January 2012

Chapter 2012 Page 16

Date: Monday 16th January 2012, Time: 19:59

“Chapter 2012 Page 16” – Something I saw on twitter which reminded me that life really is like a story book with the only exception being that in life, you cannot ‘rewrite’ it. You only live once and as cliché as it sounds; you should really ‘live your life to the max’.

This year I told myself I was going to have THE single best year of my life so far, this includes loving every inch of me for who I am as well as doing things which I have always wanted to do but ‘never got round to doing’.

I have wanted to start a blog for a long time but I think my problem was I would always think myself out of it. I think too much and that’s something I need to stop doing! This time, I didn’t think, instead I just did it and it feels great being the new kid on the block. I am going to blog about your average blah, blah, blah; fashion, photography, music and everything in-between.

2012 is due to be a big year for me and I feel as if blogging it all will be a way of keeping a memoir, per say. This year I am going to be finishing Sixth Form, leaving my home and moving over 200 miles away to go to University and literally start a new chapter of my life! It’s going to be a crazy one and I hope you guys will join me one the ride!!

Lots of Love – The new Kid



  1. great blog!

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  2. Hey, thanks!
    Will deffo check out your blog :-)

  3. This is a fantastic reason for starting a blog, I'll definitely be keeping an eye on your journey! enjoy it xxxx