Monday, 26 March 2012

Current Wants & the Speed of Life

American Apparel Disco Pants, Topshop Blouse, Denimocracy Jeans, Levi's Jacket, Vans, Ray Ban Aviators, Topshop Mint Vest, Vans Men's T-Shirt, The Cambridge Satchel, Asos Multicolour Dress, Motel Jordan Jeans, F21 Dream Catcher Tee, Underground Creepers, Urban Outfitters Retro Watch.

So it is officially Spring and I am so excited you guys! So many exciting things are going to be happening in the months to come and I cannot wait! 

Here's a little break-down of the frantic events which are about to throw themselves on me:
On Friday, I break up for a 2 weeks Easter holiday and during this time I am going to be revising like crazy! When I go back to school I have two weeks until my 3 day Photography exam (2nd, 3rd, 4th of May) and two weeks after that I have to hand in my Photography Coursework. I then have a 2.5 hour written Drama exam on the 31st May and the following day (1st June) is my last day ever at school (silent dance) and that evening I will also have my prom - partay timeee! I then have two Business Studies exams, one on the 14th June and the other on the 21st and after these, I am DONE!

I literally cannot wait! As I keep stressing to urmm everyone, this summer is going to be the best summer of my life so far. One of my besties and I are writting a list of all the things we want to do before part our separate ways for uni :'-( This means I am going to have loads of posts for you guys all summer long! Yay! 
I'm also going to Florida for 2 weeks during summer with my family and this is another thing which is getting me soo exited! I have never been to the Sates but ever since I was a lil ol' buba, I have always said that one day I will live there haha! Anyhoo, we are going to Orlando and I am going to be shopping like a madman so I'll have loads of new pieces to feature in OOTD's. I am currently trying not to buy any new clothing items (except my prom outfit) until I go away but we'll see if that goes to plan!
When I come back from holiday, I have results day which I'm already nervous for and I haven't even sat the exams yet! For my first choice uni I need to get AAB so I am going to have to go all out on the revision to make sure I get these grades! If I get into my first choice, no sorry WHEN I get into my first choice (the power of the tongue guys! Positive thinking :-D hehe) I will have just over a month and a half until I leave for uni!
This is all exciting stuff and I'm looking forward to keeping you guys updated on how everything is going :-)

Pwoar, that was a lengthy post, if you are still reading, thank you! Haha! I just felt like I needed to write down everything because time is going so fast and I needed to step back and take a look at what's about to happen in my life.

In regards to the collage I created, these
are a select few of the items which I am drooling over at the moment and restraining myself from buying!

Hope everyone is having an amazing day and thank you for reading through all my rambling nonsense!

Lots of Love


  1. i think i want everything on your wishlist haha! what do you wanna do at uni? being nosey :P

    maddie xx

    1. ahha, its all too beauts! haha, I'm going to do finance and economics :-) xoxo

  2. Hi shawty! I am Cecilia and i find your blog amazing! but I have a boredom. I joined Blogger for some time and I still have no members! Can you please join my blog? I really need it and I promises to become member of your blog also

    1. AW thank you so much! yea I'll deffo check out you blog :-) xo