Friday, 31 August 2012

A/W 2012 Trends & A Treat For You DIY Lovers

Hey Guys!

So Today I thought I’d create a post putting together some of my favourite Autumn/Winter trends for this year. The 5 trends I chose are Oxblood colour, Camouflage print, Studs, Tartan/Plaid and the Cosmo Galaxy print. Some of these were quite ‘on trend’ last winter but I think they will look great this year as well!
1.      Bag: Urban Outfitters, Skirt: River Island, Shoes: Topshop
I absolutely love the Oxblood colour, the name itself isn’t all that appealing but I love how deep and rich it is. I’ve been wanting some cut-out boots for a while now and these ones from Topshop are everything I want and more! I also love the Cambridge Satchel as it would be really handy for Uni and polka dot skater skirt is just too cute to ignore!
2.      Coat: Topshop, Sleeveless Jacket: River Island, Shoes: Hunters
The Camo print was quite big last winter but I am definitely beginning to appreciate it a lot more this year. This coat from Topshop caught my eye because of its fur collar, I love the effect it gives and I think it would look great with some light wash denim and black boots. At the end of September I will be moving to Uni and my University is up North. Now everyone knows that it tends to be rather rainy up there and I think these army green Hunter willies would be perfect to take with me! I think the colour is divine and I really, really want them haha!
3.      Jacket & Boots: Topshop, Bag: Zara
Third on my list are studs! I love the clutch from Zara and I think it would be perfect for when you want to go out but you don’t want to lunge around a massive bag. I’m also in love with these boots from Topshop; I think the buckles and silver hardware really add a pleasant sense of edginess without being too overwhelming.
4.      Jacket & Shirt: Topshop, Blazer: River Island
The fourth trend is Tartan/Plaid. Okay, the main reason I added this trend to my list is because I wanted everyone to see how amazing this red plaid Jacket is! Isn’t it gorgeous!! I am so in love with it and I think I may have to purchase it because I need it in my life.
5.      Hat: Topshop, Top & Jeans: River Island
Last but not least is the Cosmo Galaxy print. I saw quite a bit of this trend last year but I never came across any items which were nice enough for me to purchase. This year however, I have seen so many funky pieces which I think look really cool. I love the beanie hat and its speckled effect, perfect for those bad hair days! I also really like these Jeans from River Island and I think they would look perfect with a black tee and a bit of leather!

Now I know you guys may be wondering what the DIY treat is and if you are anything like me, you’re gonna love it!
I have a friend called Christina and she makes video’s on YouTube, she is a singer and she is in a band called ‘Searching Alaska’. On YouTube she mainly does singing videos which are amazing and you should definitely check them out! Anyhoo, she recently DIYed a plain black pair of wedged boots and transformed them into a Cosmo/Galactic piece of beauty!
How amazing right!!

She made a video showing how she did it and I thought I’d share it with you all because I know you’ll love it! J If you have a go at making your own, I’d love to see how they turn out, tweet me @newkidtweets!
Where to find Christina:
Twitter: @Christinartnd
Instagram: @Christinartnd
Youtube Channel:ChristinaShoutsOut
I hope everyone is well & hope you all have a good weekend!
Lots of Love


  1. aww thank you lovely! i love reading your blog posts eeee! ive got you in my favourites ha xxx

    1. Aw you! You need to start blogging missy ;-) xoxo

    2. haha ;) I used to !! But I stopped! X

  2. I love the trends for A/W this year! Is it bad that I'm looking forward to spending my student loan money on shopping for clothes?! That plaid jacket is amazing, you need that for university because um you just do haha! Excuses excuses! Your friend is so talented - those wedges are perfect shoes for a LBD.

    1. aha I love it! Omg I know right, any excuse to have it in my closet! haha, it's to beautiful to ignore! Yea she is amazing, still shocked she managed to make them herself! You are so right, with a LBD they would look so perfect! xo

  3. Love those shoes. What will you wear them with.


    1. Me too! I think they would look great with a little black dress or any kind of simple outfit! They are such a statement piece they would make heads turn but in a good way :-) xo

  4. awesome post,
    and wow your friend did a seriously amazing job on those shoes!


    ♥ Ellen

  5. Hi, honey! I really liked your blog, you have great photos! Now, I am your faithful follower! I really hope that you enjoy my blog and you will be my follower!)))) Miss you, kiss!