Sunday, 26 August 2012

Forever Loving My Disco Pants

Top - Forever 21
Disco Pants - American Apparel
Shoes - New Look
Bag - H&M
Hey guys!
So today I went to Church and this is what I wore, I know it’s a bit dressy because of the shoes but you can easily make it really casual. I popped into town afterwards with my sister and I swapped the heels with converses and if it was colder I would have chucked on a leather jacket.
I’m in love with this shirt which I got from Forever 21; I think it is such a statement piece and it can really complete an outfit. I’m still in love with my Disco Pants and I’m considering getting another pair in navy because they are just amazing ha! I definitely reckon I’m going to be practically living in them when I go to uni! Everyone will know me as ‘the tramp that never changes her bottoms'.
I hope everyone is well and hope you all have a lovely week!
Lots of Love


  1. love those pants and your wedges <3

  2. Love your blog! We want your disco pants!! <3

  3. Lovely shirt, looks so good with the disco pants!

  4. adore this outfit x

  5. i love this outfit , you look amazing and the disco pants look so good on you xoxo

  6. lovely outfit! That shirt is amazeballs

    Dakota at

  7. love this outfit! you look great!

  8. That's great! I also wear disco pants to church!! Good to know that someone else considers them appropriate for church.