Thursday, 13 September 2012

My DIY Denim Shorts

A pair of strong denim jeans
A pen
A pair of scissors

Hey guys!
Today I decided to do a DIY post because I know a lot of you really like these kind of posts. I turned an old pair of jeans into some high waisted distressed shorts and I am quite happy with how they turned out.
These are actually my first and only pair of denim shorts, I never buy any because I always think the sizing will be really awkward which in itself puts me off. By making your own pair, it is easier to make sure they fit the way you want them to and the way you're comfortable with.
The jeans I used are an ancient pair of men's Diesel jeans which my Dad had chucked in the Charity shop pile before I rescued them. I love these jeans because they are super high waisted which I think is more flattering. When DIYing a pair of jeans, I highly recommend you use a good strong pair of real denim so that they won't go funny when you put them in the wash. I'm sure most Charity shops have decent pairs lying around for affordable prices.
The method I used was so so easy and straightforward.

1.Get a good pair of jeans and try them on so that you know roughly where you want to cut them off. Make a mark with pen or pencil to show where it is you will be cutting.
2. Start cutting the jeans. Try to cut in a diagonal motion from the outside inwards making the crotch area the longest section.
3. Alter the shorts until you feel they are the right length for you.
4. Make slits in the shorts where you would like the distressed patches to be and do this until you are satisfied. Make sure your cuts are not too long or to close to each other otherwise you will end up having large gaps in your shorts if the patches merge.
5. Put your shorts in the washing machine then when that done, leave them out to dry.

I hope you guys like this post and if you try it out I'd love to know how it turns out for you!


  1. I need to go charity shopping and do some DIY-ing! Love what you've done to the jeans. Nice new layout too :)

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  3. great diy! love the way they came out :D

  4. I did this just last weekend! I don't bother buying shorts retail anymore its way cheaper and more fun to DIY them :) Great post! Your blog is lovely

  5. cool post :)

    Santenne of Crystallized Elements.

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  9. Great shorts!! i like your blog! maybe we follow each other ? let me know :) greetings

  10. nice DIY! I like it!
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  12. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE these!

    And love the layout of the posts =]