Sunday, 26 February 2012

OOTD 26/02/2012

Necklace, Cardigan, Belt - H&M
White Top - Jane Norman
Maxi Skirt - Topshop
Flossy Shoes - Office
 Studded Shoulder bag/ Clutch - Zara

I 100% believe that the weather can affect your mood and this week I have been so soo happy because the sun has been out! Yay! Today I went to church and this is what I wore. I love my maxi skirt because it is so versatile, during winter I was wearing it with 3 pairs of leggings underneath and now that it's warmer, I can wear it to keep my legs feeling cool. Deffo one of my best sale finds! Another fav sale find of mine is the shoulder bag/ clutch I've got. I got it a couple of years ago in the Zara sale and I wear it whenever I feel my outfit needs a bit of edge, it's a great size and I can always fit everything I need in it!
Hope its sunny where you are and hope you have a great week!

Lots of Love

Friday, 24 February 2012

1. My Week in Pictures

(Left-Right, Top - Bottom) 1. I've had far too many hula hoops this week, taking addiction to a whole new level...
2. Photography work, I've got soo much of it to do, too much!
3. Yummy Tesco Tesco Chilli Chicken Noodle Salad
5. Had a lovely cafe lunch date with my bestie <3
6. Katie enjoying her baguette, ha!
7. More photography work. It rules over my life.
8. My first Creme Egg of the year!
9. Vegetable rice, mmmm
10. My belt broke! R.I.P
11. Lasagne! Makes me think of Garfield
12. The weather was amazz and there is nothing better than listening to The Script in the sun. End of.
13. I went to the Theatre & enjoyed a performance of A Midsummer Night's Dream which had Mark Benton playing Bottom. Mark Benton plays Chalky in Waterloo Road & seeing him made my evening. Waterloo Road is my guilty pleasure...
14. Rocking dis plait ting innit
15. Brap

My week was nothing special but I thought I would share what I got up too :-) quite enjoyed documenting what I did so I'll probably be doing more of those!

Woop Woop its Friday! Hope You all have a lovely weekend!

Lots of Love

Monday, 20 February 2012

OOTD 20/02/2012

Shirt, Brogues - Primark
Jumper - By the brand 'Jack & Jones' bought from a store in Dubai
Leather panel Leggings - Topshop
Bag - River Island
Here’s what I what I wore to college today. I love that the weather is getting warmer because it means I don't have to wear chunky coats and jackets every time I leave the house. I drove to college so I didn’t bother wearing anything over my outfit since I was inside most of the time.
Those of you who don’t follow me on twitter (which you should) may not know that I am now an insured driver so if you live in the London reign, you better watch out! I passed my test last September - on the 28th to be exact (my test was at 10:05am if you want to get really particular!) but I haven’t been insured since and therefore not been able to drive. Last week, my parents surprised me and got me insured and I was so thankful and happy because it was so unexpected!
I absolutely love driving and I can’t wait till summer!! (I'll be the loon with the shades on and the music blaring!)
Hope you all have a lovely week!
Lots of Love

My Every day Face Products

(L-R) 1. Dual Action Moisturiser 2. Blackhead Clearing Daily Scrub 3. Magnesium Oil

Hey Dolls!
So I thought I'd do a post showing you all what products I use on my face every day. I don't like to use a lot on my face because 1. It would take far too long to complete a routine which uses 10 different products and 2. It would be way too expensive! Anyhoo, I have three products which I use every day to help avoid spots and blemishes :-)
1. Dual Action Moisturiser - I use this every time after I've washed my face which is usually after having a shower in the morning and before I go to bed. I like the fact that it is oil free because I have THE oiliest skin known to mankind so the last thing I need is more of it! I got mine from boots about three months ago and it still has not run out which is brill! I find that once I've rubbed it in properly, my skin can get a little bit tingly which I love because it makes me feel like it’s working but that may not be everyone’s cup of tea.
Would I recommend it? Yes I would, I think it’s quite affordable and its good value for money which is great especially if you are on a budget!
My rating: 8/10
2. Blackhead Clearing Daily Scrub- Okay, so like the moisturiser, I use this every time I wash my face so twice a day. I think the size is quite generous (150ml) and I really appreciate how refreshing it makes my face feel after. I know this is going to sound really gross, but after I use it, my face feel like a layer of old skin has been peeled off and as if I've been given a fresh new layer... Ha! I personally really like that feeling because my face feels a lot cleaner and my pores feel clean and unclogged. Once again, I love the fact that this product is oil free and I do think it makes my skin a little bit less oily than it usually is.
Would I recommend it? Yea because like the moisturiser, its great value for money and I do feel that it’s a great scrub.
My rating: 7/10
3. Magnesium Oil - Right, this product is my most favourite thing in the whole wide world, it is my number 1 Holy Grail product and I love it so much! It’s a spray which I apply to my skin with a cotton pad after I’ve washed my face and moisturised it and it completely stops me getting oily skin during the day. If you have oily skin then you will understand what a nightmare it is when you start oiling up during the day because you look gross and your make-up doesn’t stay on which is sooooo annoying! I only use this when I'm going out of the house and when I put make up on. In a way, it’s like a primer but 10 times better! The only negative thing about this is that it stings. Quite a lot. When I first started using it, I had to mentally prepare myself for the pain which would last about 2-3 minutes but now my skin has gotten used to it and after using it nearly every day, It doesn’t hurt at all. I am so glad I've found this and I think everyone in the whole entire world should be made aware of its amazingness! I could do a post showing me after a whole day with and without it on, so if you want to see that just let me know below!
Would I recommend it? Heck yea! I would recommend it especially to those who have oily skin but also for people with normal and dry skin who want something which will keep their make-up on.
My rating: 9/10

Hope you all enjoyed that post :-)
Lots of Love

Sunday, 12 February 2012

OOTD 12/02/2012


Necklace, Jeans – H&M
Black vest – ASOS
Jacket/Blazer – New Look
Shoes – River Island
Bag - Zara

Sundays = lazy days and they are my favourite days. I love spending them with my family and being able to just relax! Today I went to Church in the morning and my cousins are coming over in the evening. I am soooo glad I don’t have college tomorrow, so so glad you have no idea!
Hope everyone’s had a lovely weekend!
Lots of Love

Thursday, 9 February 2012

What to Wear...

Green Collar Dress - Miss Selfridge
Floral Dipped Hem Dress - F21
Burgundy Shift Dress - ASOS
Mint Short Sleeved Dress - Zara

Do I go for a maxi dress, a midi dress, how about a maxi skirt with a nice top? Tulip dress? Mini dress, sleeveless dress, chiffon dress, asymmetrical dress, dipped hem, puffy sleeves, high neck, low neck??? HELP!?
So my cousin is getting married (yay) and her wedding is at the beginning of next month. I’ve got about three weeks and I have no idea what to wear!

I’ve been to weddings before but for some reason, this time round I can’t seem to make my mind up about which type of dress to go for. I’ve been looking for a while and nothing seems to have caught my eye yet.
With spring round the corner I thought of going for a pastel, short sleeved dress but with the way the weathers been lately, I think the winter spirit is going to be staying around longer than we all hoped so I’ve started looking at longer sleeved dresses and blazers to layer on top.

Thankfully, it is now half term (silent dance) and I am going shopping next week with my mum and my sister so fingers crossed I’ll find something then!
What do you guys like to wear when you go to weddings?? J

Lots or Love

Friday, 3 February 2012

OOTD 03/02/2012

Shirt, Jumper & Leggings - H&M
Shearling Lined Denim Jacket - Topshop
Socks - Gap
Shearling Lined DM's - Doc Marten

Another OOTD! Although the sun was out, today was still really cold! I had college and this is what I wore. I love the jacket, it's my 'go-to' jacket when I don't know what to wear with an outfit, I have worn it at least 2 times a week since I got it (December 2010) and I am so glad I got my money worth! Found it in the Topshop sale and I got it for £20 when the original price was £45!! Boyaah, gotta love a good sale!

Hope everyone has a really good weekend :-)
Lots of Love

Thursday, 2 February 2012

OOTD 02/02/2012

Polo-neck & Jeans - H&M
Shoes - ASOS
Head band (Scarf) - Beyond Retro

So this is what I wore to college today, it't nothing special but I really wanted to do a post so I thought that I might aswell show you what I wore :-)
Today was another lax day, I only had two lessons in the morn then I went for a nice Costa catch-up with my friend which was lovely.
Hope everyone is having a lovely week

Lots of Love

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

My Spring Wants

shoes - Jeffrey Campbell
horizontal striped jeans - River Island
denim sleeveless jacket - Beyond Retro
cross tee, aviator sunglasses, sleeveless tartan shirt, rucksack - Topshop

A small selection of some of the items I want to own in my closet this spring. Although its still freezing cold, the sun is starting to peep out which is making me feel all springy! I am really looking forward to the days when I can just go out in a tee and some jeans and not feel like I've been shoved in a freezer!  

Lots of Love