Friday, 31 August 2012

A/W 2012 Trends & A Treat For You DIY Lovers

Hey Guys!

So Today I thought I’d create a post putting together some of my favourite Autumn/Winter trends for this year. The 5 trends I chose are Oxblood colour, Camouflage print, Studs, Tartan/Plaid and the Cosmo Galaxy print. Some of these were quite ‘on trend’ last winter but I think they will look great this year as well!
1.      Bag: Urban Outfitters, Skirt: River Island, Shoes: Topshop
I absolutely love the Oxblood colour, the name itself isn’t all that appealing but I love how deep and rich it is. I’ve been wanting some cut-out boots for a while now and these ones from Topshop are everything I want and more! I also love the Cambridge Satchel as it would be really handy for Uni and polka dot skater skirt is just too cute to ignore!
2.      Coat: Topshop, Sleeveless Jacket: River Island, Shoes: Hunters
The Camo print was quite big last winter but I am definitely beginning to appreciate it a lot more this year. This coat from Topshop caught my eye because of its fur collar, I love the effect it gives and I think it would look great with some light wash denim and black boots. At the end of September I will be moving to Uni and my University is up North. Now everyone knows that it tends to be rather rainy up there and I think these army green Hunter willies would be perfect to take with me! I think the colour is divine and I really, really want them haha!
3.      Jacket & Boots: Topshop, Bag: Zara
Third on my list are studs! I love the clutch from Zara and I think it would be perfect for when you want to go out but you don’t want to lunge around a massive bag. I’m also in love with these boots from Topshop; I think the buckles and silver hardware really add a pleasant sense of edginess without being too overwhelming.
4.      Jacket & Shirt: Topshop, Blazer: River Island
The fourth trend is Tartan/Plaid. Okay, the main reason I added this trend to my list is because I wanted everyone to see how amazing this red plaid Jacket is! Isn’t it gorgeous!! I am so in love with it and I think I may have to purchase it because I need it in my life.
5.      Hat: Topshop, Top & Jeans: River Island
Last but not least is the Cosmo Galaxy print. I saw quite a bit of this trend last year but I never came across any items which were nice enough for me to purchase. This year however, I have seen so many funky pieces which I think look really cool. I love the beanie hat and its speckled effect, perfect for those bad hair days! I also really like these Jeans from River Island and I think they would look perfect with a black tee and a bit of leather!

Now I know you guys may be wondering what the DIY treat is and if you are anything like me, you’re gonna love it!
I have a friend called Christina and she makes video’s on YouTube, she is a singer and she is in a band called ‘Searching Alaska’. On YouTube she mainly does singing videos which are amazing and you should definitely check them out! Anyhoo, she recently DIYed a plain black pair of wedged boots and transformed them into a Cosmo/Galactic piece of beauty!
How amazing right!!

She made a video showing how she did it and I thought I’d share it with you all because I know you’ll love it! J If you have a go at making your own, I’d love to see how they turn out, tweet me @newkidtweets!
Where to find Christina:
Twitter: @Christinartnd
Instagram: @Christinartnd
Youtube Channel:ChristinaShoutsOut
I hope everyone is well & hope you all have a good weekend!
Lots of Love

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Orlando Photo Diary 3 & My Airport OOTD

Poncho & Jeans - Forever 21
Top - Topshop
Shoes - Converse
Hey guys!
So this is my last holiday post and I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing what I got up to whilst I was away :-) I had an amazing time away and I’ll definitely be going back to the States hopefully sometime soon! Florida is beautiful and I was so surprised at how welcoming and lovely the people were, pleasantly surprised of course!
The plane ride back was so long and our flight from Orlando to Miami got delayed due to bad weather in Miami, thankfully we made it there just in time to catch our flight home. Whenever I travel I always want to be comfortable and this outfit was perfect for me. I am in love with this poncho I picked up in Forever 21 and as we go into A/W I am definitely going to be reaching for it more and more. The Aztec pattern and tassel-esque trimming is what caught my eye and I think it is such a lovely item which can be worn with a variety of outfits.
I hope everyone is well!
Lots of Love

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Forever Loving My Disco Pants

Top - Forever 21
Disco Pants - American Apparel
Shoes - New Look
Bag - H&M
Hey guys!
So today I went to Church and this is what I wore, I know it’s a bit dressy because of the shoes but you can easily make it really casual. I popped into town afterwards with my sister and I swapped the heels with converses and if it was colder I would have chucked on a leather jacket.
I’m in love with this shirt which I got from Forever 21; I think it is such a statement piece and it can really complete an outfit. I’m still in love with my Disco Pants and I’m considering getting another pair in navy because they are just amazing ha! I definitely reckon I’m going to be practically living in them when I go to uni! Everyone will know me as ‘the tramp that never changes her bottoms'.
I hope everyone is well and hope you all have a lovely week!
Lots of Love

Monday, 20 August 2012

Orlando Photo Diary 2

Hey guys!
So today I thought I’d upload the second part of my Holiday Photo Diary and just to let you know, these photos were not taken on the same day. As I said in my previous post, we bought the 4 day passes for Disney and went to all the parks. My favourite park was definitely Epcot! Loads of people I’ve spoken to really don’t like it but I loved it! I really enjoyed the simulator rides especially Soarin’!
Yesterday I took some photos for an OOTD post but it was one of those days where I looked awful in almost every shot so I decided not to upload a full post but if you want to know what I was wearing, I posted a photo on Instagram (@KudzaiKashora) so you can check it out over there if you fancy.
I hope everyone is well & hope you all have a good week! Good luck to all you GCSE people receiving your results this week!
Lots of Love

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Orlando Photo Diary 1 & A Little Update

My Sister’s Outfit
Top – Polo Ralph Lauren
Jeans – American Apparel
Shoes –Vans
Bag – Cath Kidston
My Outfit
Top & Disco Pants – American Apparel
Shoes – Vans

Hey Guys!
It feels like it’s been so long since I last blogged and I have so much to tell you all!
Firstly, I came back from Florida on Monday and I truly had such an amazing time! It was a lovely holiday and it couldn’t have been any better. I went to Orlando with my family and we passed through Miami. We stayed for 2 weeks at the ‘Hyatt Regency Grand Cyprus’ which is an amazingggg Hotel. Everyone was so nice, the food was great, the pool was breathtaking and we could see the Disney fireworks from our balcony! I would definitely recommend it!
As I said I would, I did A LOT of shopping so look out for some new pieces in upcoming Outfit of The Days J
We got the 4 day Disney passes so we did all the parks and met the characters etc. To be honest, our mum was more excited about meeting them all than me and my sister were! My Dad isn’t a fan of rides or Disney characters but he was a sport and let us drag him around... bless.
I took so many photos I’m not going to be able to put them in one post because it would be too long so I’ve decided to do 3 ‘Photo Diaries’ showing you some of the stuff we got up to starting with this one!
The photos in this post were taken in the first few days and I thought I’d introduce you all to my sister by featuring her in an OOTD haha! I really liked her outfit in this post, it reminds me of the way they dressed in the 90’s which I love!
Second thing I wanted to mention is that whilst I was on Holiday I hit 100 followers! YAY! I know to some this might not be a big deal but having only started my blog this year I’m just very grateful for reaching this small milestone :-D Thank you to each and every person who takes the time to read this blog and I hope it can continue to grow!
Final thing I wanted to share is that I got into my University of Choice! WOOHOOO!! As everyone knows, today was A-Level results day and I was sooooo nervous! I got 2 hours sleep last night and I just couldn’t stop thinking about it! Not gonna lie, when I found out I got in I did shed a tear or two but I was just so happy that all that hard work had paid off! I thank my almighty God Jesus Christ for giving me the strength and focus to revise and achieve what I have done and I’m just so thankful for all the support I’ve had from my friends, family and of course you guys! THANK YOU!

I hope everyone is doing well! If you got your results today, how did it go? Update me on life people! I feel so out of this blogging loop!
Lots of Love