Tuesday, 9 April 2013

I Can't Think Of a Title...

Hey Guys!
So this post is a bit overdue and some of you may have already seen this outfit on my Instagram. I wore this last week when I went out for Lunch with my sister and I thought that I might aswell post it on here. I also decided to add my sisters outfit to the post because I liked what she was wearing and I thought why not! It seems that whenever I am at home, she becomes a regular feature on my blog!
This jacket is one of my new favourite finds, I am so inlove with it and I know it was a big hit with loads of you on instagram (especially you Debbie!) haha! I thrifted it a couple of weeks ago and managed to bag it for £11!! I know right, crazy! I wasn't actually meant to be buying anything when I saw it because I am a skint student and I was suppose to be on a 'spending ban' but I couldn't leave it behind especially knowing that I would never find a similar jacket within that price range. It is thick enough to wear on its own during spring but also perfect for layering during winter which just adds to its perfectness (if perfectness is even a real word...)
In other news, since my sister has been popping up on here a lot recently, we were thinking of  filming 'the sister tag' just so that you guys can get to know us a little bit better and I just thought it would be something different, fun and not fashion related to add to the blog. If that goes down well then I may start doing regular vlogs but only if you guys want to see that kind of stuff so let me know what your thoughts are :) You never know, I might eventually step into the 'Youtube world' which at the moment is quite a daunting thought but who knows what the future holds! For now, I'll just stick to my little blog!

Top & Jacket - Thrifted
DiscoPants - American Apparel 
Necklace - H&M
Shoes - Vans
Bag - Primark

I hope everyone is well and having a good Easter break! 
Lots of Love,