Sunday, 15 September 2013

^ I think I'm a gangsta or something... I don't even know. ^

Jumper - Marks and Spencer
Skirt - Primark
Bag - Zara
Shoes - H&M 
Rings - H&M/ Mums
Necklace - H&M

Hey guys,
I don't know if it's just me but this past week has gone by soooo fast!! 
I know London Fashion Week started last Friday and I've basically spent my weekend obsessing over my favourite bloggers instagram pages and watching my favourite brands/designers live catshow feeds; so I've pretty much been trying as hard as possible to make myself feel like I was there...(hahaha) I've seen some amazing street style photos and I've been so inspired the guts some people have to be so 'out there' with their style. I think no matter what you wear, as long as you strut your stuff with confidence you will look great!
 In todays post, I wore this jumper which I'd actually been eyeing up at work for the past couple of weeks and finally decided to just get it! I love the pattern, basic colour palette and simple leather detail on the neckline (which I don't think you can actually see in these images). I know that I'm going to get my wear out of this in winter for sure! I decided to pair it with this faux leather skirt which I picked up in Primark and think leather always goes really well with a monochrome colour palette. 
This week coming is my last full week at home because I go back to Uni the following Thursday eekkkkk! Today I finally filmed a Uni video and that will be up later this week! 

I hope eveyone is well and hope you all have an amazing week!! 

Oooh also, I need a bit of advice! I'm dying my hair this week all one colour and I'm not sure if I should just go back to black or if I should try a really dark chestnut brown?! What do you think?

Lots of Love,


  1. This is gorgeous - I absolutely love the pattern! Perfect transition to the colder weather xo

  2. I say dark chestnut brown, would look lovely! This jumper is so cute and looks cosy. I love this outfit!

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  3. so chic! maybe we can follow each other? let me know! <3

  4. I love the jumper! You look lovely love the whole outfit xx


  5. You look lovely, I love the outfit! Looking forward to the new video. New follower here! xx

  6. Absolutely love this! I swear you make me love clothes I usually dislike!! x

  7. I love your boots!


  8. Cute jumper!

  9. Love the jumper x

  10. gorgeous outfit - that jumper is amazing!

  11. You look so cute!

    Love your skirt and boots x

  12. Hello dear,
    would you like to follow each other's blogs on facebook and bloglovin? Btw, love your blog's design, so chic!

    Best wishes,

  13. You look so stunning! Your blog is amazing, I have just followed you! <3

    Mind checking out mine and my fb page? Means so much to me!

  14. This past week really has gone by pretty fast! This whole look from head to toe is so chic and cute, love the nail color and your sweater!

  15. omg just found your blog! i'm obsessed. such a cute leather skirt, i just got one and am in love. hahah it is so versatile, it can be dressy or casual. loving your blog, fabulous post. xxxxx

  16. I love those boots and the rings you're wearing, such a great Autumn time outfit! :) xx

  17. love your blog! definitely following :) your style and blog design are awesome, and this outfit is perfect! love the jumper :) i'd say try out dark brown ;) xx
    The Frill Seeker

  18. Great look, your blog is amazing! xx