Wednesday, 24 July 2013

- An African Wedding 20.07.2013 -

Hey Guys! 

So as some of you may know, I went to a wedding last Saturday and I decided to vlog it :)
This wedding was quite different to ones I've been to before! I've been to many both Zimbabwean and English weddings but never had I been to a wedding combining different African cultures. My Cousin was getting married to a girl from Ivory Coast so the wedding had not only South but also West African traditions which I found so entertaining; such as the dancing you'll see in the vlog! It was a great experience and I always love it when different cultures collide!
By my own admission, this is not the best of vlogs but I thought I'd put it up anyway and I promise they will get better! Nevertheless I hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think!

D R E S S - Asos
S H  O E S - New Look
S O C K S - Topshop
B A G - Primark
S U N G L A S S E S - H&M

Lots of Love,

Thursday, 18 July 2013

- Expanding Territories -

T O P - Made by a family friend
S K I R T - New Look
B E L T - H&M 
S H O E S - Dr. Martens
 N E C K L A C E' S-  (Owl): Gift// (Chain): DIY
R I N G S - H&M

Hey Guys!
So I wasn't planning on doing a post today but I thought why not! 
I absolutely love this T-Shirt! It's so easy to style and it's so versatile for summer and winter. I'm not wearing much colour today, I accidentally just found myself wearing head to toe monochrome but I love that crisp colour pallet so I'm not complaining. I think gold accessories go perfectly with monochrome colours and stacked up on the gold in this outfit!
I've got a relatively busy weekend ahead, lots of plans one of which includes attending a wedding on Saturday :) Cannot wait! I love love love going to weddings and all the festivities which surround them! African weddings in particular are a urmmm 'experience' haha! They are so much fun; the one I'm going to is an African wedding and I will definitely be vlogging it all! 

I hope everyone is well and getting ready for the weekend!! 
Lots of Love,

Sunday, 14 July 2013

The Summer Sun Is Slow To Fall

T O P - Backstage
J E A N S - Levi's
S H O E S - New Look
S U N G L A S S E S - H&M
B A G - Primark

Hey Guys! 
So as you can probably tell, I've been loving wearing bright neon colours recently and this top is a particular favourite! It's actually my Mums which she purchased from a boutique in Hampton Court and I thought I would steal it for the day. The designer 'backstage' do plenty of really simple, minimal basics in gorgeous bright colours and I think these are timeless items which are perfect for summer year after year no matter what trends are around. It's really flowy and perfect for a day like today when it was boiling hot! I honestly think there was a point where I was sizzling like chicken on a BBQ stand. Blimey! I'm so glad we are finally getting a bit of sun though, it's about time! 
I do realise I use this bag a lot haha, but its so roomy and easy to grab as I know it's going to go with whatever I am wearing. 
I filmed a vlog last week with my sister when we went shopping, it's nothing amazing but I thought some people might like to watch it. I tried to upload it on Friday but the blogger video thing didn't seem to work so I think I'm going to have to upload it to youtube then post it on here. If anyone knows any easier ways of getting videos up onto here then please let me know because I'm planning on doing many more :) 

I hope everyone is well and enjoying the sun!
Lots of Love,

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Neon Lights

T O P - Topshop
S K I R T - Topshop
S H O E S - Internationale
E A R I N G S - H&M
C U F F S - H&M
B A G - Primark

Hey Guys, 
So I haven't blogged for nearly 3 months now... oops! The last time I blogged I was on my Easter break and since then, I went back to Uni & finished my first year; WOO! I came back home last weekend and although I've only been back for one week, I want to go back already! I've never wanted to go back to education this much and I genuinely don't know how I'm going to manage 3 months at home without my Uni gang. Don't get me wrong, it's so nice to see all my home friends and family again but home life is always the same! The good think about being back is that I have lots of time to be blogging so watch this space! I'm going to try and manage my time better when I go back to Uni so I can be more regular throughout the year but it's so awkward asking someone to take photos of your outfit, even if they are a close friend! I feel like the only people who understand the whole 'blogging' think are bloggers and people who read them but for those who are not into that kind of stuff, it's probably a pretty obscure concept! 

Today has been the hottest day of the year so far and this coming week is meant to also be really hot! I love it! This weather definitely makes up for the fact that I'm not going on holiday this year! Since it was so hot, I wanted my outfit to be really comfortable so I kept it really simple and minimal. 
I've been loving this neon orange colour and I thought this top was a great way of bringing colour into an outfit without having to put in too much effort. I was going to add a necklace but I though it would make it too busy especially with the big earings. I am in love with this skirt and I think it literally goes with everything. It is such a versatile piece and I love how feminine it is. Just a word of warning, I WILL be wearing it to death so you will probably get sick of seeing it. 
If you follow me on Instagram then you will have already seen my braids. I got them done not long after my last post on here, just before I went back to Uni. I love them so much but they will be coming out soon (genuinely really upset about this). I'd love to get them done again but they aren't too good for my hair so I'll have to give it a break and let it rest for a while.

I know previously, people have asked me to talk about my University experience. I said that I would film a video addressing all your questions and now that I have finished my first year, I feel that I am in a good place to reflect and give my 'story so far'. So if you have any questions about anything to do with Uni from the application process to settling in, then comment down below or tweet me @newkidtweets and I'll make sure to answer your questions when I film which will be sometime this week! 

Hope you are all well!!
Lots of Love,