Monday, 24 February 2014

- Current Favourites -

Favourite Song:
Birdy - Wings

To be honest, I have a quite few favourite songs at the moment! As I mentioned a couple of posts ago, Beyonce's new album is just amazing and I love it but I thought that choosing a song from there would be quite boring as I'm sure everyone who has heard that album is in love with it so I went for another song which I've been listening to a lot recently and that is Wings by Birdy. 
I find her voice so enchanting and as weird as it sounds I think shes got a voice which goes really well with rainy weather haha! (That is a meant to be a compliment by the way!) Since there's been a lot of rain up north recently I find myself listening to her a lot more than often, especially her 'Fire Within' album which I think just sounds beautiful. 

Favourite Item of Clothing:
Top - Primark

I chose this top because I have found myself throwing it one a lot recently when I've got nothing to wear to Uni. It's super comfy and it just goes with everything! I got it from the Men's section of Primark a while ago and it's still going strong. 

Word of confession, I'm wearing it now as I write this post... 

Favourite Blog:

So my favourite blog of the moment is by Leneth who is from the Netherlands. Her style is so crisp and simple but everything she wears always just looks so good! (Yup she's one of those!)
I really like how she incorporates outfit posts with inspiration posts aswell as other things! If you haven't seen her blog already you are missing out and you should totally check it out! 

Favourite Book:
The Secret Life of Bees - Sue Monk Kidd

I am currently reading a book called The Secret Life of Bees and I am finding it so captivating. I'm not going to ruin it for anyone but if you like drama books set in the slave trade era then you'll find this really interesting. I'm not that far into it but so far so good. The book belongs to one of my flatmates and she recommended it to me agessss ago when we were still in first year of Uni but I've only just got stuck into it.
Last week when I was at home I was talking to Xana from and I was telling her about how I'd just started reading this book. As I explained the story line she told me how she'd watched a film with a similar story line which had Queen Latifah in it. Anyway after a few minutes we realised that we were talking about the same thing and she had just watched the film adaptation of the book! Hahah! It was just funny that we'd both gone on about the same thing for a good 10 minutes without realising! So if you aren't much of a book person you might want to watch the film version. 

Favourite Store: 

Zara at the moment is just amazing and if you saw the post I did a couple of weeks ago with my Red Coat then you'll understand why I've had to include it in my favourites. 

Just look at the post. See the coat. It's self explanatory. Beautiful.

Favourite Film:
12 Years a Slave

Gosh, this post is probably going to make it seem like I have some kind of obsession with the slave trade era but this film is amazing. I watched it at the cinema with my family when I went to visit home and we all found it so emotional but humbling at the same time. Truly fantastic film and the way it was produced really does it justice. 


So as well as favourites, I thought I'd give a couple of shoutouts! I've chosen 1 up and coming blog which I've really enjoyed reading as well as 1 up and coming apparel brand which I have recently discovered! 


I want to give a shoutout to Xana from Wake Up Fashion! Her blog is very fashion orientated with a bit of beauty thrown in there. She blogs a lot about celebrity styles and designer collections which she's loving. It's a great blog to scroll through when you're feeling uninspired! 


The brand I chose is called AIFF and they do a lot of basic tee's and jumpers with quirky graphic designs. I think their t-shirts are great for casual day to day wear. I would wear them with some skinny ankle grazers and a pair bold Celine (or Celiene-esque) 'slip on sneakers' as shown below! I think these type of T-Shirts are great to wear on their own in spring/summer, but they are also perfect for layering in the colder months! 

Outfit Ideas:

I know this post is quite different to my usual posts but I just wanted to try something different and if you like this then I might make it into a monthly thing so let me know what you think! 
As you might have noticed, I've given my blog a tiny makeover so give me your thoughts on that :)



  1. Cool post; I like the fact that you've done something different. I really enjoyed reading it and it seems we share some similar 'favorites'.. I wonder if it's in our DNA haha! Xx

  2. Oh my, I thought my laptop was doing weird for showing up my blog on yours! HOW SWEET OF YOU, seriously this means a lot :) ! I love your blog too!
    + I'm really keen on reading that book you recommend, gonna try it soon :)
    much, much love + thanks again ! xxx

    1. Haha, no worries!! Aw thank you! <3

      you should read it, such a good book!! xoxo

  3. I love your blog

  4. omg i want those steve madden leopard canvas shoes so much! >_< I have leopard heels, but I honestly would wear those a lot more.


  5. I agree about Birdy! She has such an beautiful voice that pulls you in, making you want to sit inside under a blanket! Great post x

  6. Beyonce's album is so great. I'm actually listening to it right now. Love the Zara shoutout :)

  7. 12 Years a Slave is an absolutely beautiful, emotive movie and every single actor did that movie justice. I'm not one for watching movies but I'm pretty glad I went out to see it, such an amazing movie!

    Luyi Milieu Graye,

  8. loved going through your blog! really interesting x

  9. Love this post, more like this please!!

  10. I definitely agree with all you said about 12 Years A Slave, it is so deserving of all the awards it has received!

  11. These are such fantastic favorites! I've been meaning to read that book for a while now, I'll have to get around to it once I've got a moment!

    Check out my blog for a huge $500 giveaway!

  12. wings is my favorite song right now, too! love birdys whole album!! :)

  13. Love birdy so much! And ahhh zara is so good.

  14. awesome! I like your blog ❤
    I would be happy if we could follow each other??
    Let me know :)

  15. I really like the quality of your blog and photos. You also have a great style which i love! :) xx

    Picture Me

  16. Great post! I love how your share your favorites like this!!


  17. You always need a basic shirt for those lazy days lol. And I've been wanting to watch that movie, but I just don't have time. Great blog. I'm following you now. -

  18. ooh i love everything you picked! i remember reading the secret life of bees ages ago and loving it - i need to read it again!! :)

  19. wow amazing post. Very interesting things. Thanks for sharing :)