Thursday, 7 August 2014

- Portugal Travel Diary #1 -

Top - H&M// Jeans & Shirt - Primark
Top & Shoes - Topshop// Skirt - New Look// Bag - Longchamp
Top - ASOS// Skirt & Shoes - Topshop// Glasses - H&M// Bag - Longchamp

So here is the first of my Portugal Travel Diary posts! As you might know from my last post, I went to Portugal with my family for 3 weeks and we truly had an ah-may-zing holiday. We all fell in love with Portugal and its beauty!

We arrived in Lisbon on the Thursday 17th July; we’d hired a car to enable us to have a more mobile holiday so after picking that up we drove 3 hours to the Algarve region. We stayed at a place called ‘Vilar Do Golf’ which is located on the Quinta Do Lago Estate.
The villa, staff and the area were all amazing which helped make our stay in Quinta as enjoyable as it was! Quinta do Lago is one of the 3 corners which make up Algarve’s ‘Golden Triangle’ and if you are really into golf you will literally be in heaven. My Dad loves golf so you can only image how happy he was to be surrounded by endless courses with gorgeous sea views!  
If you are thinking of going to Algarve for a holiday, I would definitely recommend considering Vilar Do Golf and the Quinta area in general!

Since we had a car, we drove around quite a lot and explored different areas within the Southern Region of Portugal. Some towns we visited were very touristy whilst others were more authentic and historical. I loved being to explore the different cultures each town had to offer.
The food was sososo good! We ate a lot of fish, seafood and of course chicken!
Every day was super-hot and everyone we met was insanely friendly!

I took so much video footage so that I could put together some holiday vlogs but when I finish editing the first video and try to save it as a movie, Windows Movie Maker kept saying my file was corrupt which was so frustrating especially because I’d spent so long on it. If anyone knows how to fix this please let me know!

I really hope you liked this post! If you are going to Portugal anytime soon then make sure to tweet me because I’d love to hear your plans!! :)

I’m going to post 2 more Travel Diaries over the next week or two so stay tuned for those!  



  1. Lovely photos, Portugal looks lovely x

  2. Portugal is so lovely!! Hope you had fun(:
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    xx Shirley

  3. Beautiful pictures!!!!! nice post!!:))

  4. Urghh your pictures look so incredible and sound like you had the best time!! I just got back from Lanzarote and this post is properly making me wanna go back! Ah portugal looks so beautiful might just have to go next yearr! Beautifull post doll!xo

  5. Those pictures are fantastic, I am sooooo jealous! I really love that black and white check skirt!

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  6. Such stunning pictures dear, really gets me in the mood for a holdiay, you are making me want to book one right now :-)

    Much love xxx

  7. wow, these pictures are gorgeous! it looks like you had such a wonderful time. I'd love to go to Portugal, all the beautifully quaint cobbled streets seem so lovely!
    Hope you're enjoying the rest of your summer.
    -Kate | Bleached Mort

  8. wow, super cute pictures!! and you looked lovely with those braids <3
    xx Ama


  9. Beautiful pictures & I love the black and white outfit you wore!




  10. Lovely post! Your pictures are amazing, really captured the holiday! Xx

  11. the black and white skirt is gorgeous and your pictures are amazing xx

  12. Amazing!! lovelies outfits :)