Tuesday, 26 August 2014

- Portugal Travel Diary #2 -


I thought rather than uploading 2 more parts to my 'Portugal Travel Diary' series, it would be better if I just mashed them together to create one post. 
The first set of photos were taken during our second week in the Algarve region. It's safe to say we spent a lot of time at the beach! Portugal has such a beautiful coastline so it was hard to stay away. 
We also visited the 'Sand Sculptures Festival' whilst we were out there which was amazing. The sculptures were so detailed it was hard to believe they were all made by hand. 

We spent our third week in Portugal's capital, Lisbon. 
Being a City girl myself, I found Lisbon to be a lot of fun. We wanted to see as much of it as we could so we used the open roof sight seeing tour buses as well as the trams as our mode of transport. We also drove to the nearby town of Cascais which was the cutest little place with the perfect mix of old and new. 
I went on a Segway for the first time ever and I fell in love with it! I wish it was normal to ride them around London because I would be all over that! 
Lisbon was the perfect way to end our trip and I'm so grateful that I was able to have such a fabulous holiday with my family.



  1. I'm from lisbon and I really love your photos! awesome sweetie

  2. wow,amazing photos!

  3. Visited Algarve a couple of years ago, it's gorgeous. Love the pictures, looks like you had an amazing time!

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