Sunday, 26 October 2014

- Malaysia Travel Diary #3 -

During the last week I was in Malaysia I got to go to an elephant sanctuary which was ah-may-zing. We feed the elephants and also bathe the babies. OMG. So. Much. fun.
It’s definitely up there on my ‘top 10 best life experiences’ list.

We decided to go to the Atmosphere 360 revolving restaurant for dinner and it was so surreal. The atmosphere 360 is a restaurant in the middle of KL city. It is 282 meters above ground level and located in the Menara Kuala Lumpur which is the tallest tower in Southeast Asia. The restaurant revolves at a very slow but noticeable speed which allowed us to get the best view of KL. Our dinner reservation was for 6:30pm so we got the see KL transform from day to night which was insane. If you’re ever in Malaysia, I would definitely recommend visiting this restaurant.

The rest of the week was quite laid back. We spent 1 day volunteering at a waterfall where we planted trees; on another day we worked with NGO’s and spent the day developing innovative solutions for problems they faced day to day. We also got invited to Ms. Elizabeth Lee’s house for a dinner party which was so beautiful and the perfect way to end our trip. (Elizabeth Lee is the Senior Executive Director of Sunway University in Malaysia so yeah… this was kind of a big deal!)

I really hope you enjoyed both my Malaysia and Portugal travel diaries from this summer because I really enjoyed sharing my travels with you guys both on here and on Instagram! Hope everyone has a fabulous week and I’ll speak to you in my next post :) 


Tuesday, 14 October 2014

- Malaysia Photo Diary #2 -

Here’s the second part of my Malaysia photo diary! These photos show my main highlights from the second week.

Whilst we were in Malaysia we were lucky enough to have the Malaysian homestay experience. For those of you who don’t know what a homestay is, it is basically when you go to a rural town and live with a native family from the country you are in.
We did this for 3 days, 2 nights and it was a real experience! The family I lived with were actually fairly well off and I was fortunate enough to actually have a bed (trust me, this was a big deal). The weekend was quite challenging; more for people who had been put with families who were a lot less fortunate than my own but I think it really opened everyone’s eyes to a lot of things.
For me, the homestay weekend really made me reflect on the things that I value vs. the things I should value in life. I think sometimes we get so wrapped up in the little things and forget to appreciate those that really matter. During this weekend I really didn’t care about what I was wearing, whether or not I had make-up on or how good the Wi-Fi was; (although I’m not going to lie, we were very happy when we discovered it). These stupid little things which we make such a big deal of when we are at home suddenly really didn’t matter at all. Instead, we were able to really enjoy the time we had together.
There is one particular day which I’ll never forget. We’d spent the morning fishing, some people went catfish catching and others had jumped into a mucky looking pond. You can imagine how filthy we all were by the afternoon. We spent the rest of the day lazing around and just chatting. Despite how disgusting we all felt, we were all able to just enjoy each other’s company and although it wasn’t the most exciting day, it was perfect. I feel this was the weekend when we all bonded together as a group.
I’m so grateful to have been able to do the homestay experience and if you ever get the opportunity, I would 100% recommend doing it! It will definitely not be the most glamorous experience of your life but it will be an experience you’ll remember forever.

After the homestay weekend, we went back to the residences we were staying at and carried on with the rest of our trip. Over the next few days we got to visit different religious places of interest within KL, we got the opportunity to talk to people within the Malaysian government which was very interesting and we also got to do another day of volunteering.
 On this day we went to a primary school in another rural village and with the organisation ‘my reading bus’ and our job was to spend the day teaching the Malaysian children how to read and write. We performed Pinocchio for them which they seemed to love and then they gave us a walking tour of their town. It was so refreshing to see children so excited. The citizens of the town were all so friendly they even put on a mini festival for us with dancing dragons then the kids taught us how to play the drums. Despite the ridiculously hot weather, I loved this day.

Writing this post is making me feel so nostalgic and although I will never be able to relive these moments with the amazing people I had the pleasure of meeting; I am SO thankful I was able to have these experiences and I wouldn’t trade them for the world.
I’m going to end the post here before I start getting all emosh but there is 1 more travel diary coming up so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Side-note: a lot of these photos were taken on my phone hence why the quality may not be top notch! Hope you don't mind too much though! :)


Thursday, 9 October 2014

- Because I'm Happy -

Top - Boohoo// Skirt - H&M// Shoes - ASOS// Coat - Zara

I told you guys I was going to blog more and I wasn't messing around. *smug side grin emoji*

This is my outfit from yesterday. Lancaster is such a pretty town and when I lived on campus I didn’t really make the effort to go out and explore it because I had everything I needed within a 5 minute walk from my accommodation. (And I was lazy).
Now that I live in town, I am forced to venture out of the little bubble that is the ‘Uni Campus’. From now on I want to take advantage of all the beautiful scenery the town has to offer when I take outfit photos so I can show you guys how pretty it is here.

You know those days when you are just so happy and content for no reason what so ever? Well today is one of those days for me. I don’t know what it is, I’m just so darn happy! 
Despite already having several Bridget Jones moments including stacking it during travel time and missing my mouth when I was eating in public, I still feel on top of the world.

I think that as humans, a lot of the time when things are going really well for us we begin to expect something bad to happen. It’s like we think that there is a time limit of how long you can be happy for. It’s as if we think that happiness is distributed in blocks and between each block of happiness something bad needs to happen. I have no idea if that makes any sense or if it just sounds like verbal diarrhoea…
I believe in the power of the tongue and the mind. If you confess bad things over yourself then bad things will happen. If you’re having a good day, week, month or whatever, don’t hold back and start thinking negatively! You should enjoy every bit of that happy moment and embrace it.

I have no idea when I turned into some kind of ‘wannabe life guru’ but all I’m trying to say is positive vibes = positive life guys so just be happy!



Tuesday, 7 October 2014

- The ACTUAL Future -

Jumper - Topshop// Jeans - DIY// Shirt - H&M// Shoes - Dr Martens

Earlier today I was sitting on the bus going to Uni whilst listening to Two Door Cinema Club and it hit me, this is it. This is final year. 
I'm currently snuggled up in my duvet at my new flat (which by the way is so cute!) I'm living with 4 lovely girls and I have a really good feeling about this year.
 Despite being my final year at University, I think it's going to be a really good one. The only thing is, I'm now having to think about the future as in the ACTUAL future. You know: what career path I want to take, when I want to move out of my parents house, whether or not I want to do a Masters and if so where etc. Don't get me wrong, it's all very exciting but at the same time still very daunting.
After 2 years of living in Halls I'm excited to be living off campus. I am going to miss my old flatmates sooossoo much but I think as long as we all make the effort to keep in touch it'll be fine  Besides, Lancaster is so small that I'd still bump into them even if I wanted to avoid them!

In other news, Made in Chelsea is back on next week and I cannot wait! I thought the New York episodes were okay but they didn't blow me away so I'm hoping this next series will be a really good one! I'm one of those people who can watch and re-watch old episodes over and over again and writing about it is making me want to watch it now...

*Opens up a new "4OD" tab.*

This outfit is quite a few weeks old actually and I know it's nothing special but I thought I might as well post it rather than wasting it! 
I've still got two more Malaysia travel diaries to upload and on top of that I'm going to start shooting outfits every Wednesday so I'll hopefully get back into the swing of posting twice a week rather than once every 233900 years like I am doing at the moment...

Hope you all have a great evening! Now excuse me whilst I get my cup of tea and re-watch MIC.