Thursday, 9 October 2014

- Because I'm Happy -

Top - Boohoo// Skirt - H&M// Shoes - ASOS// Coat - Zara

I told you guys I was going to blog more and I wasn't messing around. *smug side grin emoji*

This is my outfit from yesterday. Lancaster is such a pretty town and when I lived on campus I didn’t really make the effort to go out and explore it because I had everything I needed within a 5 minute walk from my accommodation. (And I was lazy).
Now that I live in town, I am forced to venture out of the little bubble that is the ‘Uni Campus’. From now on I want to take advantage of all the beautiful scenery the town has to offer when I take outfit photos so I can show you guys how pretty it is here.

You know those days when you are just so happy and content for no reason what so ever? Well today is one of those days for me. I don’t know what it is, I’m just so darn happy! 
Despite already having several Bridget Jones moments including stacking it during travel time and missing my mouth when I was eating in public, I still feel on top of the world.

I think that as humans, a lot of the time when things are going really well for us we begin to expect something bad to happen. It’s like we think that there is a time limit of how long you can be happy for. It’s as if we think that happiness is distributed in blocks and between each block of happiness something bad needs to happen. I have no idea if that makes any sense or if it just sounds like verbal diarrhoea…
I believe in the power of the tongue and the mind. If you confess bad things over yourself then bad things will happen. If you’re having a good day, week, month or whatever, don’t hold back and start thinking negatively! You should enjoy every bit of that happy moment and embrace it.

I have no idea when I turned into some kind of ‘wannabe life guru’ but all I’m trying to say is positive vibes = positive life guys so just be happy!




  1. This outfit is perfect and the street looks so cute! I completely agree with you on the 'time limit of happiness.' Something good will happen then I'll feel like I'm waiting for something to go wrong, everyone should just enjoy the good things haha! xx

  2. looking gorgeous, major bag envy xxx

  3. OMG-- so weird, I'm in college (uni in Britain) and a friend and I were just talking about this. We need to venture out more and explore. All we do is stay on campus and go nowhere! LOL Lazy probs.

    Thy Bliss Calls

  4. your coat is beautiful! love the color

  5. Love the all black outfit with the pop of red, so classic and timeless.

    I totally agree with you, we've gotta stay positive or else we'll never feel happy.

    With Love, Elizabeth

  6. Fantastic outfit, you look gorgeous and I love the colour of your coat! <3

    I have a new post up on the blog, would love to know your thoughts;


  7. Love your super bright coat zara is the best!

  8. Hi Kudzai! I discovered your blog on Instagram and I follow you! Hope you follow mw back. I'm italian blogger. I like very much this red coat....its perfect for this season and it looks so lovely on you! Sorry for my bad english. What do you think to follow us also in Bloglovin? Kisses,

  9. Love that coat! I must invest in a pair of cute loafers too <3

  10. that's a great post! hope you're having an amazing day :)