Monday, 20 April 2015

- These Boots Are Made For Walking -

I am obsessed with shoes, especially black boots. I'm always getting told off because I never stop buying new pairs but I truly believe a girl can never have too many pairs of black boots.
These beauties are the newest addition to my collection and I think I'm in love! They are perfect to wear during the day but they can also be dressed up for a more evening appropriate outfit. They have a platform heel which makes them so comfortable to walk in and I can totally see myself wearing them to death during autumn/winter. 
I love a good bargain and I don't think you guys will understand how excited I got when I saw these boots on the ASOS website in the sale section for £12!!! Twelve pounds! Say whhhaatttt?! Literally bagged myself the bargain of the year with these and it's made my week. 

In other news....
I came back to University last week and I've been trying to crack on with some revision. This weekend I'll be taking a break and heading to York for the Roses Tournament. Roses is the biggest Inter-University sports tournament in Europe which occurs between Lancaster University and the University of York; each year the host Uni alternates so this year it's our turn to head over to York. 
I'll be Instagraming away (as always) so if you want to see how it goes down you can follow me @Kudzai_k. 

Kudzai xoxo


  1. Omg you're so lucky ! I literrally went on the link you had but my size is all gone :( Great bargain though x

  2. These shoes are gorgeous <3 LOVE IT GIRL x